Saturday, May 29, 2010

Google Reader/RSS Feeds

Wow....Google Reader, which uses RSS feeds has really made it easy to follow all the blogs of the other KIN members. All I had to do was go to the page that Professor Sailor set up for us and I didn't even have to open up each blog. I just scrolled over the hyperlink to it and right clicked, copied the shortcut, went back to Google Reader and added the subscription. Boom, there it showed up, all their posts in one place and I could read what I wanted to and figure out which ones I wanted to comment on! I always thought I was technologically savvy before this class, and while I am picking up on these new things pretty quickly, I still am realizing that there is SOOOO much more that I could be using that I'm not that would make things a lot cooler, and easier for life in and out of work.

Peace, Love and Go Bonas,
Coach Christmas

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