Monday, May 24, 2010

Examining Social Software in Teacher Education

This article was interesting in that it shed light on the uses teachers have for social software in the classrooms. One of the things that stood out to me was the point in which you can incorporate this through the simple use of e-mail or you can take it to other steps such as Facebook, etc. I think it's important that every teacher embrace the fact that students today learn much better through the integration of technology. Whether it's doing research on their iphone for a project or simply sending an e-mail to the teacher at night to see what the homework is or what's coming up next in class.

Another thing that I thought was important about this article was the need to teach about the technology that will be used. The example used in the article was that if the teacher was going to use Facebook in the class, the students should be taught the ins and outs, rights and wrongs about using Facebook. Not only would that most likely improve performance in class, but it can also help them stay out of trouble when they are using these social media sites outside of school.

I guess it is time to set up a Gunston Elementary page on Flickr. I don't know how my administrators would like me asking to have my Kindergarteners setting up Facebook accounts. What do you think?

Peace, Love and Go Bonas,
Coach Christmas


  1. The article does make the interesting point of the need to teach about the technology that will be used. As the future of our society is becoming more technological advanced, our education system needs to adjust more rapidly to help our students meet the needs for their future careers. In response to your last question. I'm not sure how positive our school district would be about setting up Facebook accounts. Thanks.

  2. And something else we have to think about is the number of our students and colleagues using these different sources of technology. Almost everyone is using some social networking site so it would be wise for us to connect with them there. Especially for the HS students who tend to close their ears during class and turn on their headphones when they should be listening and taking notes. We need to connect with them in the best possible way and it looks like Facebook or Myspace might be our better option. I guess it's something to think about...D